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This is the real story of my life and of all of us women!

Today, were here to talk about violence against women, the kind we are destined since birth. Be it physical, psychological, financial and even cultural. This is the real story of my life and of all of us women!

Annually, dozens of women in Portugal, if not thousands throught the world, die at the hands of their husbands, fathers and even sons. There is a necessity to end this cycle stop and educate our children, grandchildren and all of the future generations so that women are respected as equal - yes equal, and not as a superior nor inferior being. 

We have biological differences regarding the opposite sex, but does that make us persons with less rights? 

Since November 11th, women's salaries don't represent absolutely nothing, because men still earn substantially more. Are women less capable of exercising the same functions? Why then is the pay gap so big and why haven't we faced the problem and fixed it? Well, the answer is simple - it is not in the interest of men that women are able to reach the same bodies of power as they do. 

Even if we do not have the right to an equal pay, do we have the right to be assaulted? 

A woman is a daily victim through pickup lines, touches, insults, being controlled regarding as to what she wears, where she spends her money, or even when she gets home after work and has to do house chores, because that's the role a women. These are various examples of the different types of violence that exist. It's not difficult to understand the remaining ones, when as of November 15th, 49 femicide attempts were made, 30 of which resulted in the death the victims.

I want this message to be of hope and so I say to you:

I hope that one day every one of us stops being paid only until November and that we begin being paid until the end of the year. 

I hope that one day I can leave the house alone without thinking of what I'm wearing and without fear of being raped.

I hope I can go to a club and pay the same as men and not pay less as a bait to attract them.

I hope for a day where I wake up and don't have to read anymore news about a women being murdered. 

Change has to happen now, inside of each one of us. For that, we cannot give up and cannot forget that we must fight for our rights, for those women who died and for those women who are yet to be born.