Raul Machado
General Manager

We introduce you Raul. He is our general project manager, and he is dedicating most of his time to those who attract him most: JusticeNeeds and WellBeing. It comes from Santa Maria da Feira and you can check it by his accent.

With a law degree from Catholic University of Portugal and, at the moment, graduating in Organization and Management of Professional Football, you can understand the reason for being such a good fit for this team and for the projects in which he is involved, right? 

Perfectionist, attentive and sensible, this member prefers listen than talk, but when he decides to do so, he always has something important to add. In addition to the skills you have already had the opportunity to meet, Raul plays piano and trumpet, so artistic skills are not lacking in this team.

He is an asset to this project, since he is a fun and pleasant person, having both friendly and competent and hardworking.

And you? Would you like to know more about this project and its outlines? Join Raul and the rest of this team and together we will change the world.