Who are we?

World Needs was founded in March 2020, with a purpose defined by our will - be the difference, in Portugal and in the World, from Portugal to the World. We want to be agents of change and promote Human to Human interactions in response to the needs that the world presents us. 

We are motivated by the principles that guide us and we created a structure and a capable program, with voluntary and dedicated people. No obstacles can be overcomed without a strong and united team. Our large team of volunteers, gifted with creative, technical and scientific knowledge is enough reason to overcome those same obstacles.

Amongst the many goals we have defined for the next 5 years, one is well reinforced by us: to become the largest social collaborative platform in Portugal.

The whole project is open to the world and, for that same reason, we are able to welcome ideas, suggestions and criticisms that will enable us to become more and more comprehensive, but above all, that will bring us closer and closer to all cultures, communities and individuals. 

That is the main reason World Needs has a place for everyone who wants to be a part of this project. For each and every one of you. For all those who come from good. And that really want to do good. 

We are World Needs. 

World Needs' mission is to cooperate in order that social development can become a factor of human recognition, by promoting education, culture, science and solidarity from an intemporal and intercultural perspective.