For the World Needs, international volunteering is one of the main factors for development in the most disadvantaged communities. Currently, in less developed countries, many cases need support. Humanitarian assistance is therefore oriented to areas such as, health and education, as an example.  

The development of volunteer projects and missions, in the most disadvantaged communities, allows us to be aware that, in those places, we fulfill part of the goals we set out: deliver to the other the sign of love that we so badly need, without demanding nothing in return. Unless that exchange is love.

Ricardina Semedo, Presidente da ACAEL

Cabo Verde – Associação Comunitária de Achada Eugénio Lima

Em setembro de 2020, foi celebrado um protocolo a 3 anos, com a Associação Comunitária de Achada Eugénio Lima, sedeada na Zona Eugénio Lima, Praia, Cabo Verde, onde ficou contemplada a cooperação entre as duas organizações, no sentido de se poder realizar uma missão de voluntariado que possa comprometer a união de esforços em prol do desenvolvimento social das comunidades onde nos inserimos.

O objetivo deste protocolo permite firmar, convictamente, que as duas organizações se apoiam para levar a cabo as suas iniciativas, em Cabo Verde e em Portugal. 

Este protocolo vigora entre 2020-2023, com efeitos em Cabo Verde e em Portugal, podendo as duas organizações receber voluntários para adquirirem conhecimento, aprendizagens e partilha de experiências que possam ter execução prática nas suas comunidades. 

Tamo Djunto! 

Main Goals

Develop collaborative projects in communities where we are present - help those who need help

Share our happiness, increasing it with the happiness we receive from the other.

Bring love to receive love, always and in every place.

World Needs' mission is to cooperate in order that social development can become a factor of human recognition, by promoting education, culture, science and solidarity from an intemporal and intercultural perspective.

How it works?

Through projects previously established and/or defined in the country of the volunteer mission.

How long?

Periods of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or 1 year, depending on the selected projects.

For what purpose?

So that at the end of the period, the mission has been completed and the community has been enriched.


“Developing We Are Together with World Needs is, for me, a source of great satisfaction. Because together, without a doubt, we manage to do great things for the benefit of Humanity.”

Airton Gomes, Senior Strategist Cabo Verde


"For me, the project "We Are Together" means give 10 minutes in exchange for a smile from a kid, something with a priceless value. Helping people who need it warm-ups my heart. Make the difference in the world."

Andreia Anjos, Team We Are Together

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