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A Cape Verde connection

One of World Needs' main areas of intervention is volunteering.

As we know, volunteering has become a way of life and a different way of offering ourselves to others, for the benefit of Humanity.

Since World Needs’ foundation, the expansion of the project to Portuguese-speaking countries has always been present, in first place, because they are countries closer to the mother language of the project and, later, to other countries that want to welcome this mission.

As a matter of fact, since the foundation of our organization, one of the main objectives for the first 5 years is to extend the project to as many countries as possible.

That is why, through the World Needs’ project We Are Together with a protocol celebrated with Associação Eugénio Lima of Cape Verde, Portugal and Cape Verde are united in a close partnership of collaboration in projects between the two countries, for the sharing of knowledge, structural support which is reflected in humanitarian and volunteer missions in Cape Verde, under the coordination of the communities resident there and the legal procedures imposed by that country.

This partnership aims to promote a close relationship between the two countries, through this protocol, in the development of a timeless mission that puts human dignity and social development (through education, health and culture (scientific, technological and social)) in first place.

World Needs has the doors open to begin its mission in Cape Verde, with the possibility of creating partnerships and lasting relationships with local entities that fulfill our fundamental mission goals and in line with the objectives of the United Nations. 

These are more than enough reasons for World Needs to be proud of what it is creating, for and in favor of Humanity, always as an objective and never as a mere means.

World Needs' mission is to cooperate in order that social development can become a factor of human recognition, by promoting education, culture, science and solidarity from an intemporal and intercultural perspective.

More information about the project here.

World Needs YOU.