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Toy Collection Initiative

Underneath the constant goal of promoting timeless and intercultural solidarity, the World Needs Organization carried out, around December of 2020, a Toy Collection Campaign with the ultimate goal of supporting a group of children institutionalized and in situation of economic need.

Conscious of the reality these children go trough and aware of the disparities between them and the non-institutionalized, that are irrefutably more evident in the weeks leading up to the Christmas season, the desire to contribute to each of these children’s Christmas to become a happier one grew inside all of us.

This being said, the Toy Collection Campaign began with the creation an online donation base and to encourage solidarity among the youngest, contacts with several Primary Schools were also established, in order to place a box of collection in their facilities. 

Achieving much more than the initial expectations, this initiative enabled us to gather more than 600 toys, thus allowing us to distribute them to four of the many institutions previously identified: three of them in Murtosa and one in Esmoriz. The World Needs Organization, among all of those who donated and contributed in different ways to this cause, was able to support a total of around 140 children with more than 360 toys. 

Despite the current pandemic situation and State of Emergency recently declared, that conditioned the accomplishments of this campaign - leaving the distribution of the remaining 300 toys pending - we have already ascertained the delivery to a fifth institution, located in Aveiro. 

Built out of the success of this and other initiatives carried out by World Needs, we are left to thank the kindness of all the contributions that came our way, allowing us to keep believing that it is possible to turn dreams into some sort/level of reality. This is why we have no doubts that dreams are the ones that truly rule life,

“Whenever a man dreams,,

  The world bounces and moves forward
  Like colorful ball
  Among the hands of a child”