In 2015, the United Nations proposed 17 goals in order to achieve peace and prosperity in the worldThe UN made an appeal to all countries in order to, through a joint effort, all these goals were achieved by 2030. For that matter, World Needs decided to act and make its contribution to the achievement of these goals and to ensure that these effects spread subsequently in our society. 

In light of this, the projects presented emerged. 
From people to people. For a better world.

HelptoHelp is a Social and Community project that intends to answer the various emerging needs in Portugal and in the World. This aims to fight inequalities and support the Sustainable Development Goal 10. 

First Hand Education is an initiative that seeks to share testemonials from those who experienced unique academic moments. 

For many people the law is difficult to access and understand. In light of this Justice Needs was brought to live aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 16 to help society in matters of justice.

LearnWIN is a project in the education area and its main objective is to encourage the development of soft skills from primary to secondary education, according to the Sustainable Development Goal 4. 

International volunteering, through humanitarian missions, is recognized as a fundamental aspect in people's development. Thus, being a vital element in our mission by supporting the Sustainable Development Goal 17. 

We wanted to give voice to the ones that need to be heard. In that matter, exploring psychology as a path to help these people was an intrinsic desire of our organization to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 3. 

Consulting Needs aims to assist all those who want to materialize an idea or create a company and need monitoring for business development, according to the Sustainable Development Goal 8. 

Arts are for World Needs a differentiating factor that should be valued and shared in society. CreativityScape wants to prove it by helping and promoting artists through different platforms. 

This project is related to research, science and technology and aims to contribute to the scientific community to provide answers to the needs of society. It encourages innovation and therefore aims to support Sustainable Development Goal 9.

With LinkPeople we want to connect people, so they can be better professionals and help them find new pathways for the development of their career, as in the Sustainable Development Goal 8 of the UN. 

Sports, health and physical well being are fundamental fields in a better society, according to the Sustainable Development Goal 3. Our aim is that everyone has access to them, without exception.

Through Wise Business, World Needs looks forward to stimulate and spread the entrepreneurial spirit of youngsters with the intent to materialize relevant projects created by youthful minds. 

The opencourse project is focused on adding value in every education levels in order to support the Sustainable Development Goal 4 and to provide quality education to everyone.

Time to Think About is a written rubric that allows "freedom to think" to everyone who wants to disclose their ideas and thoughts about different subjects. 

World Needs, World Talks. We believe in the importance of listening to different lines of thought and visions of renowned figures of the national and international scene.