Helena Margarida Soares
Team Leader Wise Business

We introduce you Helena. She is the Team Leader of the Wise Business project and comes from Viseu, but she left her small and calm city for the great Lisbon, where she can prosper and be more herself.

Her academic training has a degree in Management and, at the moment, she is attending the Master in Information Management, with specialization in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence at NOVA Information Management School.

Active, realistic and insightful, Helena integrated this noble project with the prospect of flying with it to a world guided by purer values. Her fixed ideas are the perfect representation of the determination that characterizes her so well, so keep in mind that this member is not able to refuse a good challenge. You can try to find this member at home, but most likely she is miles away on yet another of her many walks. For no place seems to be far enough for her to get in the way.

She is an asset for this project because she is endowed with very important skills such as perseverance and good communication skills.

And you? Would you like to know more about this project and its outlines? Join Helena and the rest of this team and together we will change the world.