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World Needs was born so that, through the union of forces, the resources saving and the knowledge sharing, collaborative work would bring added value to society.

Among various initiatives that World Needs has been developing, the values of transparency, ethics, honesty, cooperation between peoples and respect for humanity prevail, as they always will.

From people. To people!

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Our goal is to do even more and better. And this is where you join. Making a donation is just a click away. 1€ can make a difference in the lives of those who have little or nothing and you will be the reason for the positive change in that person's life. You can also make donations through IBAN PT50 0033 0000 45603252529 05

World Needs was founded in March of 2020, with the well-defined purpose of our wish: to make a difference, in Portugal and in the World, from Portugal to the World. We want to be agents of change and promote Human to Human in response to the needs that the world presents us.

Motivated by the principles that guide us, we have created a capable structure and program, with voluntary, dedicated people and an evident delivery. Creativity, technical and scientific knowledge combined with the availability and solidarity of a sizeable team of volunteers, are enough motivations to overcome the obstacles that, with vigor and unity, become possible to resolve.

Amongst the many goals we have defined for the next 5 years, one is well reinforced by us: to become the largest social collaborative platform in Portugal.

The whole project is open to the world and, for that same reason, we are able to welcome ideas, suggestions and criticisms that will enable us to become more and more comprehensive, but above all, that will bring us closer and closer to all cultures, communities and individuals.

That is the main reason World Needs has a place for everyone who wants to be a part of this project. For each and every one of you. For all those who come from good. And that really want to do good.

Donating to World Needs is about supporting causes that have a genuine impact on the world, and that diminish, in a certain way, some of the existing demands. Help us to help!

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IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45603252529 05

World Needs is a legitimately constituted organization, headquartered in Portugal, with the legal identification number PT515989908. As a sign of our transparency and accuracy when it comes to accounts, we issue a receipt for all donations made and validate, after words, in the accounts report, the amounts received throughout the year. Therefore, please request your receipt, using your name and taxpayer number, towards mail@wneeds.org.

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