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Delivery of goods to health professionals

World Needs carried out an initiative aimed at providing support to health professionals who work directly with Covid patients. There are several professionals combating COVID-19, especially doctors, nurses and assistants who are directly at the forefront in the reception and treatment of patients. These elements have been tireless, continuing to be able to respond beyond their limits, under conditions of great stress, and beyond the lack of resources, such as the scarcity of personal protective equipment so often identified. 

World Needs recognizes and praises the role, effort and dedication of health professionals in combating the pandemic, and through the project on the social aspect of the association - Help to Help - carried out an initiative aimed at providing support to these professionals. The activity focused on the collection of food items, capable of reinforcing the pauses of the health professionals in question, with more than 480 items including cookies, cereal bars and nuts.

For the materialization of this initiative we had the support of Frutorra-Pimenta LDA., a company strongly recognized for the import, processing and distribution of appetizers, dried fruits and vegetables, and with the help of Pingo Doce, through a card gift previously offered to our association.

Our thanks to these two entities for all the support provided. 

And to all health professionals, thank you very much!