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Again!? The reality of another lockdown in Portugal

2021 is being sort of 2020 but squared. The numbers for cases of COVID-19 are alarming and, throughout the country, hospitals have serious difficulties in responding to the thousands of cases that are admitted daily to the emergency services.

We are beginning to lack the strength and perseverance to carry on this fateful struggle that haunts the whole world. The recent decisions made by our authorities have done little to crush the epidemiological curve in Portugal, preventing the emergence of new positive cases.

There is no point in discrediting science, pointing the blame at certain decision-making subjects or making value judgments that, if we were to decide, the results would be much better.

There is no point in continuing to launch the rhetoric that only happens to others and that we, the healthy ones can never be affected by such a thing. It is not worth saying that it is only a regular flu, that it is all a fraud that they are promoting all over the world, or that it is a massive attempt to control people through technological nanoparticles that are placed in the body via vaccination. There is no point in launching the debate that this is an excuse to exhaust all services and health sectors, prioritizing this pandemic, discrediting everything else that also deserves attention and dedication. Right now, it is not worth wanting to be smarter than the rest of humanity, simply because we are tired of hearing the same subject every day and, for almost a year now, we have been deprived of doing the simplest and most basic things that we love so much.

It is important to remember that virtually all sectors were affected.
Especially the economical sector, which has its hands tied in the face of all this. Many companies are failing to survive and, as a result, thousands of people across the country lose their jobs, starting to accumulate difficulties to face their commitments. This is the result of an unprecedented very tough economic and
ocial crisis that is creating damage that is difficult to repair.

Contrary to March 2020, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - the long-awaited vaccine - that we aim to reach as soon as possible. But until that happens, we have to ensure that the protection measures are followed, no matter how much it costs us. And we must do this, not only from a personal point of view, but out of respect for the other.

Let us realize that it is our total responsibility to assume a role of alertness, vigilance and protection for the good of all, as a true sense of mission. It is a general duty and not just some, because this evil does not choose creeds, colors or ideologies.

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