Delivery of goods to health professionals

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World Needs carried out an initiative aimed at providing support to health professionals who work directly with Covid patients. There are several professionals combating COVID-19, especially doctors, nurses and assistants who are directly at the forefront in the reception and treatment of patients. These elements have been tireless, continuing to be able to respond beyond their limits, under conditions of great stress, and beyond the lack of resources, such as the scarcity of personal protective equipment so often identified. 

World Needs recognizes and praises the role, effort and dedication of health professionals in combating the pandemic, and through the project on the social aspect of the association - Help to Help - carried out an initiative aimed at providing support to these professionals. The activity focused on the collection of food items, capable of reinforcing the pauses of the health professionals in question, with more than 480 items including cookies, cereal bars and nuts.

For the materialization of this initiative we had the support of Frutorra-Pimenta LDA., a company strongly recognized for the import, processing and distribution of appetizers, dried fruits and vegetables, and with the help of Pingo Doce, through a card gift previously offered to our association.

Our thanks to these two entities for all the support provided. 

And to all health professionals, thank you very much!

Initiative to support homeless people

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On December 22, 2020, World Needs concluded a Christmas initiative with the collaboration of an Association to support homeless people in Porto.

After contacting several institutions associated with this cause, we received a positive answer, which aimed at providing a symbolic “gift” to its users. World Needs readily accepted the challenge, and started yet another activity that would culminate in the success desired by everyone.

We started by defining that the “gift” that we would give would be something useful and in accordance with the needs of the 97 users of this Association. In this way we decided what winter material could meet what we needed and started contacting textile companies that could help us in the supply and distribution of winter clothes.

It is in this sense that SIGNA Design appears, to whom we thank in advance for the availability shown since the beginning. Together we proceeded to order 100 winter kits composed each by a hat, scarf and gloves.

In this context, it is important to mention the essential support of CIVILRIA, through monetary sponsorship, without which it would not have been possible to acquire the material.

In addition to the winter kits mentioned above, we also had the opportunity to join forces to provide support also through food. In this chapter we counted on the precious collaboration of PANEGARA, which provided 84 boxes of wheat-based products, as well as the MINA DA ESTAÇÃO pastry shop in São João da Madeira, which made available a wide variety of cakes and sweets.

So, with everyone's help, we hope to have contributed to sweeten and warm up the Christmas of those who need it the most.

Thank you, Pingo Doce!

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Pingo Doce, through it's Social Responsibility Department, partnered with World Needsin support of the HelptoHelp Project, offering us a gift card that allowed us to carry yet another initiative in it's behalf.
Today, early in the morning, we purchased hygiene goods, such as tampons, sanitary towels and shampoos that will help nearly 50 institutionalized children and youngsters.
We can make the difference together, today and always.
It feels good to help!
Thank you, Pingo Doce! ❤️

International Volunteer Mission | Cape Verde

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The collaboration protocol between Cape Verde and Portugal was signed, represented by the Achada Eugénio Lima Community Association and World Needs, in the person of their representatives, namely Ricardina Semedo and Márcia Martins.

In this agreement, which runs between 2020-2023, both organisations collaborate to share experiences, knowledge and learning that will enhance the social development of the communities in which they operate.

It is therefore, for us, within the scope of the We Are Together project, led by Team Leader, Andreia Anjos, and the Senior Strategist for Cape Verde, Airton Gomes, a reason for enormous pride.

Therefore, World Needs is preparing the International Volunteer Mission that will take place in 2021 in Cape Verde. This will bring volunteers from Portugal to that country to provide support to communities in the most varied areas of activity.

This is World Needs!

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Recolha de Livros (Iniciativa Encerrada)

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Do you have books and textbooks that you do not use anymore? Give them a new life!

World Needs has launched a campaign to collect books and textbooks all over the country, including Azores and Madeira islands, where we pretend to ensure that -whose destination would be cardboard, can have a new life in the hands of those who can make use of these materials, joining the useful to the pleasant

At this initial stage, we focus our efforts on collecting as books as possible so that they are, subsequently, cataloged and assigned a destination according to their caracteristics and needs: to be used in Portugal if they meet the curricular plans; to be sent to countries (Portuguese-speaking African countries, such as Cape Verde, for instance) where those subjects are lectured; or to create a library where the books may be used for consultation.

Every purpose shall be analysed on a case-by-case basis, understanding that the cardboard is not the ideal final destination.

Obrigado a tod@s!

A World Needs lançou uma campanha de recolha de livros em todo o país. Nesta campanha foram recolhidos mais de 4000 livros que serão entregues em Cabo Verde, aquando da nossa missão de voluntariado em julho deste ano. Neste momento, e tendo em conta termos esgotado toda a capacidade de armazenamento, encerramos a nossa recolha. Agradecemos o seu interesse, na esperança que possa encontrar uma nova solução que dê utilidade a tal doação. Em nome de toda a equipa da World Needs, muito obrigado!

International Coastal Cleaning Day - São Jacinto Beach

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In a partnership with the São Jacinto Parish, World Needs Association will carry a beach cleaning initiative, mobilizing volunteers for the International Coastal Cleaning Day, promoted by the Oceano Azul Foundation.

Founded March 2020, World Needs Association is a non-profit organization, with the objective of "cooperating so that social development is an active element in the promotion of education, science and solidarity."

On the 26th of September, 15 young volunteers of the World Needs Association get together to run a clean up of the São Jacinto Beach, in Aveiro.

World Needs Association accepted the challenge of the Oceano Azul Foundation, for the celebration of the International Coastal Cleaning Day, from the 19th to the 27th September, along with many other maritme litter cleaning actions across the country.

For the cleanup action to take place, the Parish of São Jacinto supplied World Needs with all the material and equipment necessary for the cleaning process, as well as the mechanical means to retrive the litter picked up on site.

António Aguiar, President of the São Jacinto Parish has said that this initiative "is of great importance regarding the environment reasons we all know. It reinforces the idea of unity concerning the protection of our beaches and also raises awareness for more activities of this sort."

Madalena costa, World Needs co-founder, says that "in the actual societal context in which, more than ever, the environment problems have been showing their consequences, activites like the one World Needs is making on the 26th September win a renewed and reinforced importance.

World Needs wants to sensitize the population for the importance of preserving our environment and the importance of actions like these." World Needs Association hopes to promote more actions like these in future, opening them up to the general public, making shure our public spaces remain clean for times to come and gathering information to create databases of our environment.

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