Crohn's disease

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1 year and 2 days have passed since the diagnosis. Probably a lot more time of daily living with the disease. It is not a condition; it is a disease!

I never felt like the healthiest person in the world, but in the summer of 2019, I felt truly sick. Sick to the point of saying to those who were beside me: "I think I'm going to die". I know that we are all going to die, but at that moment I felt an intense weakness, the energy leaving, as if there was only a fragile line between the designated other side and this side of life. I did not ask anyone for their opinion on sharing this topic of mine, because the fight is also mine. I know that it affects everyone around me, but what one feels is what one feels. Pain is a concept present in practically all my days. I know that the disease was recently discovered, and it is difficult to "get it right with medication".

There is much to discover regarding this problem and the symptoms differ from person to person. What is known is that my body tries to defend me from anything and everything, but it is so confused. It triggers an exaggerated response to what is bad, but also to what can be good. Assimilation is difficult for him, so he expels everything. If he defends me too much, why should I defend myself less? What have I learned from this? It is hard. The appointments are multiplying, exams and lab tests are constant, where hospitalisations can appear in the middle. The lows come and go, but the lows are very low.

Today is one of those days. I am having a very painful thrush crisis waiting for the cortisone to have an effect. What have I learned from this? To not be ashamed. Fighting stigma, as I do on many other topics. Do not make excuses for not being with your friends, or not going to this or that. Tell them the real reason. Only by knowing your truth and whoever surrounds you, can you have greater and better social support, as well as greater and better time to be alone if you need it. The message is: Relativise. And let in healthy relationships, healthy environments, healthy thoughts.

Know how to respect our time, listening to our body. And accept:naipe_copas:

But I wanted to add:
A few days ago, I wrote this text with some emotion, the emotion came later, when I read you. Suddenly, the positive side of what is bad appeared. The theme that so often steals my smile, gave me back the sparkle in my eyes. Suddenly, I shivered. I really like that what I do, brings contribution to the other and deep down I had that hope. I did not expect the report of what is normal in my daily life to become a wave of contagious energy, but the truth is that the messages from people who did not remain indifferent and who struggle, fought or deal with problems multiplied like crohn's disease, psoriasis and cancer. I do not want to let you go. I felt an incredible boost and my gratitude became immeasurable. The tears of pain become tears of love and enthusiasm for this union. I leave my email to everyone who also wants to leave some sharing.
Whoever has done it has become an inspiration for me. I promise to read and answer you always.


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He is among us. So among us that it grows to be underestimated? It shouldn´t!

It ought to be an urgent representation of the necessity for intervention and prevention. It is among us in such a way that we can be friends or family with those who may be victims of this problem. And there are so many victims! Even if there was only one, the suffering is major and must be repaired.

At school, at work, during family time, at all the places we should require to be locations of sharing and security, are not always like that. We do not live a cold war; we face a warm and open war. I reference to live because we are all living it. No one can stay unsympathetic to the fact that children die due to this dilemma.

Do you think this is a trend?

According to Unicef, 50% of adolescents in the whole world suffer violence at school and nearby. Teenagers can be fascinated to a lot of matters associated with fashion of their period: computer games, video games, singers, etc. These so-called addictions, some on a healthy level and some not so much, are dependent of adult supervision. The amounts of bullying are the mirror of society as it is typified, reflecting the competition between girls, and the need to demonstrate virility among boys.

Adults are that way, and they are children's role models. In the form of conflict resolution, rooted stereotypes are envisioned and established from an early age. Is it possible to be shaped? Of course, yes! That is what the community does. "Now everything is bullying." It is not like that. Do not normalize what is not supposed to be normalized. Do not let the ones suffering in a teeter. Also, do not demonize the person who practices it, especially if they are a child.

"Not everything is bullying". It is not like that. Do not normalize what is not supposed to be normalized. Do not let the ones suffering in a teeter. Also, do not demonize the person who practices it, especially if they are a child.

There is a sense behind everything that does not make sense. The reason is always there, even if it is not explicit. I could bring you statistics, but I am proud to have made a difference, many years ago, helping a close friend.

Perhaps more than many adults, I was a child, trying to help another child. Empathy and active listening were not words that were part of my vocabulary. But they were natural in my heart.

It does not require many studies, but today, I know that having had the theoretical bases would have helped.

Conscious professionals, for more happy people in the present! No judgmental minds.

Do the less positive aspects of our journey have no place in (digital) society?

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We chose our best photos. We have many friends, perfect relationships and we celebrate the victories.

Aren't victories more valued with adversity? Are relationships only perfect if we agree all the time and are in tune? What about friendships? Won't they have to go through tests of strength, distance and time to know what fiber they are made of?

The least positive points to be shown, were, are and will be automatically set aside by society? Will they be seen as victimization or carelessness on the part of the person who let them show?

What if that is the truth? The truth that becomes repressed by pressure from oneself and others, and that reveals itself in a dictatorship of happiness.

Showing good things is advantageous if it works as inspiration, and not as a vehicle for comparison and inferiority.

So far it has been a reflection. However, the concern arises …

This pressure transcends the screens of what is public and invades what is more private. Our unshared intimacy. What is supposed to be inside doors, locked under lock and key, why is it supposed to?

Do these generational ideas lead people to voluntary isolation?

They truly want to be alone, or are afraid that they will be seen by others as if they had failed to call or text a friend: "I'm bad, I need you."

And when a friend doesn't arrive, does it look bad to seek professional help? The choice of a life that reduces the need for evasion is not certain. Honesty makes us real.

About allowing yourself all kinds of emotions.

The cover of Vogue and the stigma (still present) on mental health.

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The cover was not pretty. The way in which a sensitive issue was dealt with, but which should no longer be taboo, was not the best.

The apology from the brand has already appeared, however this text remains current.

Unfortunately, there is an urgent need to disseminate ideas opposite to those that are disseminated. The concern goes to the simple fact that the interpretation carried out by a brand may be the same as that propagated by society.

Consciousness, distorted thoughts and maladjusted beliefs will always be topics to work on.

Themes you can work on! The change is dreamed of by psychologists, who are admirers of the science of human behavior. But ... yet, other dreams persist.

Um dos maiores sonhos dizem respeito ao aumento da literacia em saúde mental e, consequentemente, a redução dos estigmas e preconceitos.

We cannot romanticize things, such as coloring a reality that causes suffering for many, many people. But we have, we can and we must alert everyone to the blurred boundaries between what is considered normative and pathological (in current language, normal and crazy).

Expressions that come out of the mouth and reveal the misinformation that is felt, hinder what should not be a utopia: integration!