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Until when?

From Rita to Maria, 
They were 30 from night to day.
This abnormal number,
What are we doing wrong, Portugal? 
What are we doing wrong, Portugal? 
But the outlook is very uglo. 
We are all for one, 
So that it does not happen no more. 
Women are dying from violence, 
Is this era really civilized? 
We will never be silent, 
Until this evil is stopped. 
Throught the world, it's not 137 per day, it's much more, 
For each downed women, 
Not a single one lives indifferent anymore. 
For each stepped face, a hugged soul. 
A tear dropped, for each life lost. 
We cannot just mourn, we must act. 
Make yourselves hear, we have to unite! 
From those who departed, remains the longing, 
But we need the truth